That Time I Killed a Man

  1. I had to wait until the train started.
  2. I went down to the bar car and got a beer in a can.
  3. Damn, I hate beer in cans. It's all his fault.
  4. A woman lit up a cigarette next to me.
  5. I hung my head out the window, watching people board the train with their wheelie suitcases and their bags full of presents and their hats.
  6. Shit, I hate wheelie suitcases. It's all his fault.
  7. The train started up again.
  8. Clickety clack. Clickety clack.
  9. I watched the landscape move past, with its' trees and birds and squirrels and river trout.
  10. Fuck, I hate birds. It's all his fault.
  11. I left the bar car and walked through the train, opening and closing doors to get to the next train car.
  12. I looked down at the tracks between the cars as they whizzed past underneath the train.
  13. Clickety clack. Clickety clack.
  14. Tits, I hate train tracks. It's all his fault.
  15. I pulled the door to his train car, but it was stuck. I pulled harder.
  16. The blast from the strong air conditioning hit me as I walked through the car.
  17. Piss, I hate icy blasts. It's all his fault.
  18. I sat down behind him.
  19. I pulled the shiv that grandpa gave me last Christmas out of my pocket.
  20. I brushed my hand past the half of an egg salad sandwich I couldn't finish from lunch.
  21. Crap, I hate lunch. It's all his fault.
  22. The train moved through a tunnel.
  23. The train car went pitch black.
  24. Clickety clack. Clickety clack.
  25. I took a bite of the sandwich as I pushed the shiv into the back of his neck, that spot that people die instantly without a sound, and there is no blood spurt.
  26. As the train moved out of the tunnel, I walked back to the bar car and got another beer in a can.
  27. I got out at the next train stop, and took a swig of the beer on the platform.
  28. Balls, I hate beer in cans. It's all his fault.