Things I Didn't Do Today Because I Got the New List App

Thanks @bjnovak @dev and the rest of The List App team for creating another welcome distraction in our lives.
  1. Prepare Foods.
    My diet today has consisted of blue corn tortilla chips (non-GMO), slices of cheddar on gluten free crackers, 2 spoonfuls of pomegranate seeds and some organic beef jerky I was saving for my Southeast Asia trip next month. I'm hungry.
  2. Write.
    It can be said that writing lists is writing, but I do have several writing projects in the works that I need to attend to.
  3. Go to Trader Joes.
    I need groceries, particularly fresh produce. (Coming list: What's in My Fridge.)
  4. Go Outside.
    I haven't stepped foot outside my apartment today. I smell too.**
  5. **Take a Shower.
    Too focused on reading and writing lists.
  6. Call Time Warner.
    My internet is spotty lately. This will be my third call to TW to troubleshoot shoot what is probably an unavoidable fact that our service is slower than Korea's. #ThanksObama
  7. Yoga.
    I am on Day 5 of a YouTube 30 Day Yoga Challenge. It's 10pm. 2 hours to go.
  8. Client Work.
    As a solo attorney working from a "mobile office" (read: home), I didn't do any of the work I have on my plate. Luckily attorneys are famous for long turnaround times.