Adele dropped a new song today after a 5 year hiatus. Here are my thoughts watching the video.
  1. Nice haircut Adele. Really suits you.
  2. She's back! So happy.
  3. Glad she's not a stick and still normal weight.
  4. Wearing fake eyelashes, great look.
  5. Is this a Lionel Richie cover?
  6. Nope it's not, the first few words tricked me.
  7. Oh shit, another sad song from Adele that will rip my heart out.
  8. She's dating a beautiful black man who cooks, once you go black...
  9. All shots of her dude are her POV, cool.
  10. He's got an Arabic tattoo on his hand.
  11. There's an old phone booth in the woods. #props
  12. I love that shaggy coat and the tweed coat too.
  13. He's got a crazy big tatt on his arm.
  14. Ends kind of abruptly. I hope they work it out.