I have had the pleasure to meet a few famous people in my life. It's interesting that none of them are politicians-I live in the Washington, DC, area. (I don't think any of them remember meeting me!)
  1. Muhammad Ali
    His training camp was near the home of the parents of a friend who was getting married. They were Lebanese and shared MA's diet, so he visited them frequently. The night before the wedding, he dropped by to meet the guests. He was gracious and enormous!
  2. Katharine Graham
    My boyfriend was working as a sous chef in Mrs. Graham's executive dining room at The Washington Post. I met her a few times, mostly in "Hi!" and "Bye!" situations.
  3. Dizzy Gillespie
    My date and I were walking through Blues Alley after hearing DG play. He was waiting at the stage door for his driver. We said hello and thanked him for a great performance. He asked if he could kiss me(!!!). He hugged me very gently and dropped a kiss as light as a whisper on my cheek.
  4. James Spader
    I was in the ABC Carpet Store in NYC and noticed a dog that looked just like mine. The third time I saw him, I looked up to the end of the leash and saw James Spader. He was very friendly!
  5. Martha Stewart
    I gave a friend a birthday gift of seeing Martha and having her book signed. As we approached MS, I mentioned that it was my friend's birthday. Martha said, "Happy Birthday, Colleen!". My friend spent the night saying, "Martha Stewart wished me happy birthday!". Very sweet memory.
  6. Lyle Lovett
    My brother won a CharityBuzz auction to benefit the ACLU in LA and gave me the tickets to the event in Virginia. After an amazing show, we met LL. Magical!