1. Sign up for more races. I love 'em but don't do enough of them.
  2. Continue going to Spanish class regularly. I lived in Spain for two and a half years and don't want to lose mi español.
  3. Go to more DayBreaker dance parties with @DanaDigsYou.
  4. Remember ALL my family member's birthdays and get them thoughtful gifts. Especially my little niece and nephew.
  5. Make fun lunch break plans. Cause the norm in my office is to eat alone at your desk. 😭
  6. Edit and submit stories before starting new ones.
  7. Go see a dentist, a dermatologist, a gynecologist, a neurologist, and all the other ologists.
    I tend to avoid doctors until I'm vomiting blood or something. This year I vow to do the annual check-up!
  8. Make realistic to-do lists. That way I won't get overwhelmed by everything I have to do and end up doing nothing.
  9. Learn at least 1 new song on my ukulele.
  10. Go on a trip.
    Probably London.