1. Look, maybe you're right. Maybe every person who works there is evil. Maybe every person who enters is a sinner.
  2. In the afterlife, you'll be in heaven and they'll be in hell.
  3. You'll spend an eternity not dealing with them.
  4. But for the short time that you are on Earth, living in the United States, you do. You have to deal with them.
  5. They have to deal with you, too, no matter what they think about your beliefs. Even if they think you're brainwashed idiots, hypocritical bigots, useless hemorrhoids on the butthole of our nation. There's nothing they can do to stop you from doing you. Isn't that great? God bless America!
  6. For better or worse, that's how it is here. I am proud to belong to a country where people just have to fucking deal with one another.
  7. But it is easier to be some people than others. It is not easy to be a woman with health problems.
  8. Illnesses that only or predominantly affect women are less researched, funded, and understood.
  9. So it's hard for everyone. But it is even harder for women with health problems and nowhere to turn. Planned Parenthood is that place for many women, for many health issues. Including, but certainly not limited to, family planning and abortion.
  10. Planned Parenthood has been targeted because it's a known name (there are other places that offer abortions but few people can name them), but that name recognition is also why people go to them for countless reasons.
  11. You've got to deal with Planned Parenthood. You've got to deal with women who go there.
  12. So be kind to them.
  13. Pray at home, pray at church.
  14. Don't stand outside the freaking office.
  15. Don't humiliate an 18-year-old woman who has just moved to New York from Montana for college and has a horrible yeast infection.
  16. Don't stand between a recently divorced mother in the midst of a midlife crisis as she goes to get an STD test. Seriously, it benefits us ALL if she gets tested.
  17. Some of us don't believe in life after death. So you can watch us burn and say, "told you!!"
  18. But until that happens, let's just deal with one another as nicely as we can.
  19. Dear people praying outside of Planned Parenthood, please go home.