1. The High Sparrow = Pope Francis.
    I'm pretty sure they're the same person, one just has a bigger hat.
  2. Cersei Lannister = Hillary Clinton
    Just let her rule already! She's basically been in charge for ages.
  3. Ned Stark = Howard Dean
  4. King Joffrey = Dick Cheney
    So much fun to hate. Remember when he shot that guy in the face while quail hunting?
  5. Margaery Tyrell = Michelle Obama
    The ultimate FLOTUS.
  6. King Robert = George W.
    Great at a BBQ!
  7. Daenerys Targaryen = Barak Obama
    It's all hope and change till he takes over Meereen and can't control his dragons.
  8. The Red Priestess = Sarah Palin
    Girl, you're nuts.
  9. Princess Shireen = Sasha Obama
    We're not letting Sarah Palin near her, don't worry.
  10. Rickon = Paul Ryan
    Ha whatever happened to that dude?
  11. Theon Greyjoy = Anthony Wiener
  12. Tyrion Lannister = Jon Stewart
    Cause we all want him in charge.
  13. Lady Olenna = Angela Merkel
    You do not mess with her. One badass motherfucker getting shit DONE.
  14. Tywin Lannister = Vladamir Putin
    Just imagine him butchering a deer while delivering a monologue.
  15. Lord Balon Greyjoy = Donald Trump
    Angry old man with bad hair shouting on a rock somewhere.
  16. Jon Snow = Ruth Bader Ginsberg
    Ok, it's a weird one. But who is focusing on important stuff instead of playing the game of thrones? Plus, Supreme Court Justices also wear black, take life-long vows, are above the politics of the realm, and probably celibate, too.