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  1. I was in kindergarten putting my coat up in the closet.
  2. I turned around and there he was. Ricardo. Ricky for short.
  3. He kissed me. My first kiss ever.
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    I probably made this face.
  4. To be honest, it might have been my second. The year before, I married a boy in my pre-k class and we kissed at our wedding. We didn't know how to kiss but we knew it involved tongues so we stuck ours out at each other and touched the tips together. It was gross. I don't think it counts.
  5. Anyway. Back to Ricardo.
  6. After he kissed me I told the teacher and he got in trouble.
  7. I forgot all about it.
  8. But Ricardo didn't.
  9. In high school, at a Halloween party, he reminded me of our brief romantic encounter. Apparently he got in a lotttt of trouble.
  10. Oops.
  11. Then, later that night, he tried to kiss me. AGAIN.
  12. And again I declined.
  13. Maybe next time, Ricky.
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    But I'll probably just make this face.