This is tough. I love to mess with people.
  1. Back in college, before he became a fancy adult with a mortgage and a job at the New York Times and a helmet made of hair gel, I had this friend John.
  2. I enjoyed messing with him. Little, harmless things like going into his room and rearranging the decor just a bit.
  3. The picture of his grandma moved beneath his pillow, or an odd, small decoration hidden in plain sight that he wouldn't notice for a few days. Harmless, fun stuff.
  4. But one day I decided to orchestrate a Facebook prank. The goal was to get all of his Facebook friends to change their profile pictures to a picture of John. At the exact same time. Without any explanation.
  5. I got his sister in on it and his friends from camp. People who had never met in real life came together so that when John logged into Facebook the next morning, every single one of his contacts would have him as their profile picture.
  6. I instructed everyone to act nonchalant if John asked what was happening.
  7. "What? I don't know. I like this picture of you."
  8. "Hmm? I saw someone else do it and thought it was a kinda nice idea, ya know?"
  9. It worked SO WELL. John freaked out.
  10. Eventually he figured it was a prank and accused me (ME?!?!) of being behind it.
  11. He was right.