1. Oh dear, oh dear.
  2. How to describe the Mary Blanket?
  3. Well.
  4. When I moved to Spain, my aunt had a charming idea for a Christmas gift for my mother.
  5. A blanket with my baby picture on it for her to snuggle with while I was away. Adorable, right?
  6. The problem is my aunt didn't have many digital pictures of me as a child at all...
  7. And she didn't realize how large the picture would be printed on the blanket.
  8. Which is how she ended up with this:
  9. I turned around on Christmas morn and BOOM. My mother was holding up...THAT.
  10. While I was in Spain, the Mary Blanket attended family gatherings for me.
    I even went apple picking.
  11. I attended Thanksgiving. As a blanket.
  12. Now that I'm home, it's double the fun for @DanaDigsYou who gets to hang out with me in the flesh and in the blanket.
  13. When guests visit I make them use the Mary Blanket. Or suffer the cold.
  14. My good friend @Davey808 enjoyed the Mary Blanket very much during his visit to New York.
  15. Here he is trying to be modest.
  16. Everyone loves the Mary Blanket.
    Pictured here with the aunt who created it!
  17. It's by far the best thing I own and I wouldn't change a thing about it.
  18. I know you're all wondering.
  19. Could it be?
  20. Is the real life, slight tipsy, listing at 1am Mary wrapped in the Mary Blanket even now, as she gets ready to sleep?
  21. The answer is yes. Yes! Sweet dreams, List App.