1. In my 4th grade class. I had a crush on him back then and started dating him when I was 16. We were very high school. We went to prom together (which was on my 18th birthday) and even made it through our freshman year of college. We're still friends and everything. My mother always asks about him & his family. It's adorable.
  2. At a trashy party in London. I was 19. I flew back to NY a day later but he got my contact info & we spoke every day for 6 months till I studied abroad in the UK. I lied to my parents about when classes started so I could go a week early and visit him in Scotland (I recommend this as a 2nd date). It was as creepy & romantic & magical as it sounds.
  3. At a couchsurfing party in Madrid. I thought he was super rude, but liked him more the next time I saw him. We fell in love & had a very dramatic 3 year relationship, which included a few break-ups, an hour long engagement, and him dating my close friend a week after I left Spain, without ending things with me first. It was kind of a mess.
  4. Tinder.