Cause let's face of it, some of us ain't.
  1. I dislike being told all women are beautiful.
  2. Because I think what people really want to say is that all women are valuable.
  3. But when it comes to women, we conflate beauty and value.
  4. And we can't imagine valuing a woman who isn't beautiful.
  5. Which is bulllllllllshit.
  6. We aren't constantly telling dudes that all men are handsome.
  7. So ladies: ya'll probably have many beautiful qualities and are loved by many people in your life. You're all important and valuable and maybe also physically hot.
  8. But most people have low standards anyway so you'll find someone who really does think you're beautiful and will lick your face. If you're lucky, it's @DanaDigsYou. If you're REALLY lucky, it's Zelda.
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  9. Here is an example of a woman who is actually beautiful. ZELDA.
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  10. Oh and if you thought this was an inspirational post about feminism....GOTCHA. It's about Zelda.
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