1. According to Groupon Getaways,
  2. It's worth checking out a place called Absecon Lighthouse:
  3. It's more than 150 years old.
  4. You can climb 228 steps for beautiful views.
  5. And down at the base is a replica...
  6. ...a replica of "the original light keeper's lonely cloister and the collection of sock puppets he created to keep him company."
  7. WHAT. IS. THAT.
  8. I. NEED. TO. GO.
  9. This is absolutely the part where my life transitions into a cheesy horror movie.
  10. I'm so excited.
  11. I'm so ready.
  12. Are the sock puppets the souls of those who visited Absecon Lighthouse? Voodoo dolls? Will I go there and see myself as a sock puppet already amongst his strange, lonely collection?
  13. I'll let you all know in my Groupon review.