I accept this challenge, you li.st-suggested-topic you!
  1. Full body massage
    Yes, please rub my shoulders, my back, my head, my feet... Whatever... I'll just lie here and drull.
  2. Dancing all night on top 90's pop music
    Excercise, sweat, sexy moves, feeling great
  3. Bubble bath with epson salt, lavander and rose petals
    Destressing by myself in the whole bathtub. Heaven... Floating in bubble clouds.
  4. Bienge watching TV shows
    Getting to a season finale episode is almost like a orgasm... Almost. Not really. (I'm really trying hard with this list)
  5. Icecream on a really hot summer day
    Give me caramel, pistachio, cappuchino or plain vanilla and i'm happy
  6. Sleeping in 4 star hotels on vacation
    Hotel beds are so comfortable to sleep in!
  7. Traveling
    Anywhere, anytime. Love it!
  8. Laughing so hard, i can't stop from crying
    A great joke, story, comedy or group of silly friends really make my day.
  9. Nothing
    Really. I tried... But I don't buy it. Really.