Countries I Lived in

A short list that I'm hoping to grow. It's so much fun to live, study and work abroad!
  1. Romania : Bucharest
    Born, raised and lived until 14 years old. I still miss the big city feel: the crowds, the noise, the buses, the parks, the town you wish to escape sometimes and go on short trips to the beautiful mountains and the beaches.
  2. U.S.A. : Los Angeles
    Still living and loving it here. It's always going to be my hub-home from where I can leave and travel to anywhere in the world.
  3. Spain : Barcelona
    My best year of college! EAP (education abroad program) for a full year. Lived three blocks from Sagrada Familia! Fell in love with Gaudi and Catalans.
  4. France : Paris
    Love capital of the world - not necessarily. For me it was more about the bagghette, the cafe, the Sorbonne, and lots of fun and adventures with international friends for a whole year!