1. Such great animation (sarcastically)... When was this made?
  2. You don't write to a pumpkin!
  3. What a nice sister! (sarcastically) Yeah right!
  4. I think he took a picket line sign and changed it (about the Welcome Great Pumpkin sign that Linus is holding as he heads into the pumpkin patch)
  5. A ghost - what an original costume! (sarcastically)
  6. Where are the airholes? (About the ghost costumes) There they are! (About Charlie Brown's costume)
  7. I think the Great Pumpkin is supposed to be like Santa Clause.
  8. Because he has a terrible costume (about why Charlie Brown is only getting rocks)
  9. He got a rock again.
  10. I got a rock! (multiple times)
  11. Why is she testing on the back of Charlie Brown's head? (For when Lucy is using Charlie Brown as a model for the jack-o-lantern)
  12. Look - the dog is dancing! (When Schroeder is playing piano... And meaning our dog - not Snoopy)
  13. I can't see!!!
  14. What age group did they make this for? I don't think five-year-olds would get it.
  15. Wait! I just want to see this scene! (When parents came to pick up)