I am a sucker for TV shows for which I am clearly older than the intended audience. Why grow up?
  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    This is easily my favorite show of all time. I've watched the entire series three or for times and individual episodes even more. I will forever ship Buffy-Angel, so sue me! I worship at the alter of Joss forevermore.
  2. Veronica Mars
    Just call me a Marshmallow! I was at the far edges of the target audience when this was on (still within its boundaries, though) and could not get enough. Amassing writing! This deserves every moment it got of its Kickstarter revival. Giant love!!
  3. Teen Wolf
    Stiles! Nuff said.
  4. Vampire Diaries
    Still can't stop watching! But I'm still kinda stuck on Stelena, Elena's early departure from the show notwithstanding. That's probably because I read the books, but my YA problem is an idiosyncrasy for another list...
  5. Greek
    Long Live the several-years gone Greek! Nothing like reliving my college years through this show! Well, not that I was Greek, but my school was so Greek that everyone was Greek by some degree of association.
  6. The Challenge
    The only reality show you'll see on this list... I was watching back when I was the target audience and it was the wordier Real World Road Rules Challenge. I love all the souled-up drama and the natural feeling of the crossover inherent in the show's make-up. Yummy bubble gum pop!
  7. The Carrie Diaries
    I miss this show! Fluffy and fun and it reminded me of my high school days (yes, I'm aware I'm dating myself now...).
  8. Pretty Little Liars
    I've been on and then off and then sucked back into this show. I mean I had to find out who A was, didn't I?
  9. Hellcats
    I miss this one too! Ally Michalka as a bright pre-law student who has to be a cheerleader to pay for school - fun! And bonus - Ashley Tisdale! Gimme an H...
  10. Finding Carter
    I've really been enjoying this drama about a teenage girl who finds out she was kidnapped at a young age and the woman she thought was her mom is actually her kidnapper. Great drama! And has an actor with a Buffy pedigree (Alexis Denisoff) so we come full circle!