1. Dogs are good. (Big dogs are the best. But here's my little one.)
  2. Most people are good even though we disagree wildly on what is good for most people.
  3. Fewer women would be withholding sex if the sex they were getting was good.
  4. Good television is as good as a good book. (West Wing, Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, etc.)
  5. A good book is always better than its good film adaptation. (Except for Practical Magic.)
  6. My sea salt quinoa chips are goooood (and gone).
  7. Couples-only resorts are good.
  8. Good wine beats good food.
  9. Good kombucha kicks a bad cold's a$$.
  10. Noise cancelling earphones are good.
  11. Free wifi is good.
  12. Coffee shops (looking at you, ⭐️bucks!) who give a person space to write all day for the cost of a latte are good!
  13. A good cry is nothing compared to a good laugh.
  14. The best laughs come at the end of a good cry.