Alfred Burt was a musician whose family sent a Christmas carol as part of their annual card. From 1942 until his death at age 33 in 1954, he wrote 15 carols, some of which have become treasured parts of the holiday canon. Here are my favorite songs (next year, I'll post my favorite recordings of Burt songs.)
  1. 1. This Is Christmas (aka Bright, Bright the Holly Berries)
    Probably partial to this because there are such great recordings of it. Julie Andrews and Ellis Marsalis have covered it.
  2. 2. Christmas Cometh Caroling
    Could be a bias because this is the only one of these songs, all of which have complicated chord patterns, that I can play on the piano.
  3. 3. Carol of the Mother (aka Sleep Baby Mine)
    I find this one peaceful and loving.
  4. 4. Some Children See Him
    One of the two best-known Burt Carols - the other is "Caroling, Caroling," which doesn't make the list. Some might find the racial descriptions a little off putting. But given its message of celebrating diversity and a love without boundaries, it's a sweet song.
  5. 5. Ah, Bleak and Chill
    Tough choice, but this one sounds nice.