Four Songs In My Holiday Collection That Aren't Holiday Songs

Some songs seem to get swept up in the holiday frenzy. Fact is they weren't written about Christmas, winter, snow, Hanukkah or anything else seasonal.
  1. 1. My Favorite Things, six versions
    Barbra Streisand might have started this with her album from the '60s. "The Sound of Music" song is fine (see Coltrane, John), but it wouldn't sound out of place in July. Would "Jingle Bells"?
  2. 2. Amazing Grace, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo & Luciano Pavarotti
    This is a religious song for any occasion, not just this time of year.
  3. 3. Where Is Love, Tony Bennett
    He concludes a holiday medley with this. It sounds OK, but seems a little incongruous.
  4. 4. Hallelujah, Chris Botti
    Lovely Leonard Cohen song that's carried more emotional impact since Cohen's death and the Kate McKinnon-as-Hillary-Clinton version on SNL. Not really a holiday song.