Things I know, I think
  1. Stay active. Be present.
    Keep your body and mind active. Keep your moving parts moving. Every day.
  2. Take risk.
    Getting out of bed in the morning is a good beginning.
  3. Love at least one person unconditionally.
    Enjoy the return on your investment.
  4. Learn your spirituality.
    Don't choose a path, make one. Take a journey. Discover what makes the most and the least sense. Practice daily; as often as desired or as necessary
  5. Be enthusiastic.
    Look for your enthusiasm. When you find it, enjoy it, embrace it whether practical or impractical.
  6. Surprise someone. Surprise someone else.
    Make it a good surprise. Share with others.
  7. Fantasize.
    Read a book enjoy a movie, walk anywhere. Open your mind and follow your fancies and fantasies.
  8. Use your senses.
    Taste. Eat heartily. Enjoy. Savour. Touch. Be tactile, especially to who you truly love unconditionally. Hear. Listen. Know these are sometimes mutually exclusive experiences. Smell. Your lover's scent, kitchen aromas. mowed grass. roses, turned earth, patchouli, musk, the stench of living and dying. See. The Universe is a visual explosion.
  9. Get up early.
    Take a nap later.
  10. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others.
    Expect to give and learn to receive kindness karma. A little will go a long way.
  11. Consider predestination .
    If it happens it is probably supposed to. If it happened it was probably supposed to. Learn to trust.
  12. Travel.
    The Big World. Allow your mind to take you places when your body can't come along. Entertain and enjoy life experience from another perspective.