10 things that simply make me happy
  1. A restful sleep
    Sleeping through the night without crazy busy dreams that make me feel still tired when I wake
  2. Early wake- up
    I enjoy a few hours quiet time in the very early am. Just me and a few cups of Trader Joe's New Mexico Pinon. A good read, li.sting or relative immobility gets me off to a really good, sometimes great start
  3. Work- out
    Then it's time to get moving. Daily intense physical activity for at least an hour. Dedicated to this, following above down time, to earn the satisfying inner and outer afterglow. Good addiction
  4. Freedom to plan or not plan the rest of the day
    This is most satisfying since retirement 3 months ago. Liked it before. Now like it more, with more time to take advantage of pleasurable pursuits
  5. Being surrounded by friends, loved one(s)
    Until recently, undervalued and sometimes underappreciated. Now I choose who I spend time with, when
  6. The joy of eating
    Life-mate great cook, morning, noon and night. Ima lucky guy to have this lucky guy around
  7. Doing at least one or more things every day purely for personal pleasure
    Being involved in creative process. Current endeavors include writing and design. Enjoy satisfaction of creating good spaces for people
  8. Winding down end of day
    Ending day as good as beginnig. Afterdinner pleasure in whatever form it takes. Tube or not tube. Maybe a walk. Maybe not. Or other more enjoyable, pleasureable activity tonight? Or complete inactivity. Try to be conscious of and grateful for the day gone by ... same as yet always different from yesterday, tomorrow
  9. Time to sleep.
    Breathe deep a few seconds before surrender to dreamland
  10. Good night