How I Know I've had too much

This list took an unintended dark turn somewhere along the way
  1. Coffee
    After 4th cup, even when it's my favorite homemade latte. (Got cheap and easy-to-use manual frother from Amazon. Combine 1/4 non-fat milk, 1/4 cup half and half, nuke for 1 minute, froth. Makes my perfect creamy foam. Add coffee. Top with sprinkle of cinammon or chocolate.)
  2. Information
    If you make me squirm, worry, contemplate, muse, or otherwise ruminate, speculate or obsess unnecessarily. Or if you get too personal too soon.
  3. To eat
    When it sits there in my belly all day and I'm not hungry any more because of belly-ache. Like when I ate that huge dark chocolate dipped macaroon yesterday.
  4. To drink
    One is too much. Pretty sure I've got this one nailed.I thought I was anonymous. I wasn't.
  5. Fun
    Not really possible.
  6. Love
    Can't ever have too much.
  7. Attention
    If you make me feel fidgety or uncomfortable. I don' t like being the center of attention
  8. Inattention
    When I feel left out, like I don't belong. Used to happen alot. Now I get enough attention and enough is sufficient for me
  9. Of a good thing
    When it goes bad
  10. Of nothing
    When I'm ill at ease and have no control, have cause to weep because it's all been done before. When I'm a liar and everybody's doing something and it makes me feel angry. Nobody should look where there's too much of nothing
  11. Time on my hands
    When I've had too much of nothing I run out of patience, energy, time and space.