I'm thinking Thanksgiving thoughts

I'm reminded
  1. Of invited and univited guests descending upon my parents' small brick rowhouse in Baltimore
  2. Of too many people, too little house, and plenty of hospitality and food for all. Generosity
  3. Of my present reality of Thanksgiving in S. Florida. Spending a quiet, pleasant day preparing for feast with husband and Rufus-the-cat, as the 3 of us think fondly of family and friends and Thanksgivings past. Thankful for peace and plenty, good fortune and giving. Thankful every day for our love and respect for each other
  4. That for many, needs often seem to exceed means. Everywhere, not just in this country where we spend this day of thanks
  5. People, care
  6. Of the relevance of today. Celebrate today as the original day of thanksgiving was observed for the first harvest, thankful now as then for the abundance and good fortune many of us share
  7. To wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, and send hope that you to seek and appreciate joy and abundance today