Not Apparent but a Child

I don't have children, never wanted any. As the "child" of my parents, lately it occurs to me
  1. Moms can't call in sick
    When other family members are sick moms care for them. When moms are sick, everyone asks what's for dinner.
  2. Dads can fix anything
    From broken automobiles to broken fingers to broken spirits.
  3. Moms hug good
    Mom's hugs last long after she let's go.
  4. Dads hug good
    I smile because he's my father. I laugh because there's nothing he can do about it.
  5. Moms make dinner
    She knows her way around the kitchen. Nothing brings family together like a good meal.
  6. Dads make breakfast (sometimes)
    He finds his way around the kitchen. Specialties include Froot Loops and Cheerios (with banana on special days.) And French toast, with bacon of course.
  7. Moms clean house
    Moms love cleaning up messes they didn't make.
  8. Dads makes messes
    So Moms will have something to do later.
  9. Moms wear dresses
    "Because sometimes I just want to look pretty."
  10. Dad wears jeans and tees
    Because dads are guys, and guys dress for comfort.
  11. Dads wear dresses too
    "Because sometimes I just want to look pretty too."
  12. Moms get old, tired, forgetful
    Even though she might think she's failing, she's the best Mom in the world.
  13. Dads get Alzheimer's
    Some people don't believe in heroes, but they've never met my Dad.
  14. Moms and Dads deserve lots of love and attention❤
    Now. Today.