Daily rituals ... My cat, Mr. Rufus Meanswell, has many rituals. With his permission, I added some of his. Guess which are mine, which are his. You might be surprised
  1. Mr. Rufus Meanswell
  2. Michael Meanswell
    Rufus' dad
  3. Morning routine: Rise very early, many cups of coffee, check social media,, read, work out. I'm told I'm too rigid. I say I'm disciplined and dedicated.
    Wonder how much coffee=too much coffee
  4. Groom myself and prepare for a new day. Lick genitals and plaster down unruly hair and fur.
  5. Eat breakfast. Equal portions protein and roughage.
    Particular fondness for eggs with side of seafood
  6. Take a nap on big bed in patch of sunlight
    Wake confused. Where did sunlight go?
  7. Stretch and lie quietly in wonder ... what's for lunch? Saunter stealthily to kitchen taking circuitous path and a few moments to make sure everything is in place. Worry if everything is not
    Everything is not
  8. Lick my genitals
    I do this when.I worry
  9. Find the patch of sunlight that disappeared earlier
  10. Take another nap
  11. Loud noise wakes me from dreams of flying through space into other dimensions
    Now disgruntled
  12. Note cell phone teetering on table edge.
  13. Knock cell phone to the floor
  14. Get intended and well deserved attention from household members within earshot
  15. It's too late for lunch
    Slept longer than I realized, but
  16. Eat again. Eat a lot
  17. Down time on sofa. Move to our favorite chair
    OK, Rufus calls the shots on this
  18. Race to kitchen one more time for quick snack
  19. After a long day it's time to turn in.
    Lick genitals and curl into a ball