Things that look, taste, smell, sound, feel as good as or better than, the first time
  1. Oreos
    One of the snacks offered on a recent flight. Oreos not allowed at home. Oreos (as good as) ever.
  2. Sex
    Sex feels (as good. (as) ever)
  3. With a companion
    (As good as) the first time with the right partner. (Better than) the first time with a willing partner.
  4. Or flying solo
    (As good as) the first time. Beats nothing. Underrated.
  5. Playing
    Groan ups don't spend enough playtime. (As good as, better than) you remember. No matter how old, active or infirm, let your mind take you to that place where you used to lose yourself. Have fun, then try to find yourself, or stay blissfully lost.
  6. Favorite songs
    Good music and great songs never grow old. Let the music play, keep the music playing....(as good as, better than), the best!
  7. Who I am
    I am still sometimes all these things, (as good as) ever, trying to be (better than) before.
  8. Who you are
    To me, pretty damn close to perfect. (Better than) ever, my heart no longer wasted.
  9. How I feel
    (Better than) ever...
  10. The sound of a lover's voice
    (As good as) with a nod toward (better than) "I'm in love with you." Spoken in the early stages, 5 heart-pounding words your've been wanting, waiting to hear, romantic, passionate. Spoken these many years later, 5 heart-felt words you've heard countless times, romantic, tender, a declaration of honest, true, everlasting love.
  11. Crying
    (As good as, better than) you remember. Tears still feel bad while it hurts, better when it's over. Pleasure, joy and happiness also bring tears. No matter where they come from, tears cleanse the soul and are most often cathartic
  12. Art
    (As good as) by default, or (better than) by surprise or reasonable expectation, subjective at best. Visit a gallery or museum, make art with chalk, pastels, crayons, paint. Use the sidewalk, street or side of a buiding as your canvas. Be ambitious with oils or watercolors, on canvas, board, paper. Make a collage or sculpt, using found objects. Try any and all media that define you. No right, no wrong, no rules. Visit an art space, find something that appeals to you, contemplate.
  13. Roses
    Visit a rose garden. Smell a fragrant rose. (As good as) ever, always.
  14. A favorite album
    My family loved listening to The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny!. There is no question we had the most eclectic record collection on our block ... perhaps in all of Woodland Hills. Hearing any song or album from when I was a kid takes me right back to our living room: Mom, Dad, and the three girls ... sitting around the room appreciating music in all its forms.
    Suggested by   @Dashelamet
  15. See's Candy, specifically Mayfairs
    One of their original recipes, a mayfair is chopped English Walnuts and cherries mixed into vanilla cream and covered in milk chocolate. It always tastes the same: perfect.
    Suggested by   @Dashelamet
  16. Hitting the open road.
    Whether it's for just the day, but preferably a week or month, road trips will always be as good as ever.
    Suggested by   @angela3950