One -Way Return, ticket please, Portland, OR to Fort Lauderdale, FL
  1. Flight=Relocation. New perspective. Portland is a pretty nice city. Emphasis on pretty, on nice. Yea, glad we got that condo in Nob Hill
  2. There are many thousands of vast square uninhabited miles remaining in the US. Really. I looked down
  3. Don't take good friends for granted. They are hard to find, sometimes hard to get to and always hard to leave behind
  4. Travel with the person you love most. No fears, no worries. Got my husband, my best bud, with me. If one goes down it's all or nothing, we both go down together
  5. Hydrate, even though you can't take it through security, they'll confiscate and dispose, once beyond, buy a bottle of water at the helium inflated price. Or fill an empty bottle from a drinking fountain if you choose not to further subsidize Corprate America at pennies to the dollar
  6. And ... skip the knicknack and gewgaw shops you pass on the way to departure gate. If you don't have it by now you probably can get by without it
  7. Bring nourishment for your body. ... Bring your own grub. You'll be glad you did
  8. Bring nourishment for your mind, a book, tv or device of choice. Get there faster
  9. Or, just Look at clouds from both sides
  10. Use plane loo/lav for I intended purpose.
    Don't use as personal grooming space to spruce yourself up or re-apply make-up, repair your 'do or whatever the he'll it is you're doing in there. There is a line. Many must share confined space to do the necessaries. Most of us are gonna look tired and gnarly when we land anyway
  11. Instead, make yourself pretty after you land and deplane
    'Specially if you're gonna be met aground by someone special
  12. Thank airline crew upon deplaning. Your life and well-being have been served. They deserve a big SKYHIGH 5!
  13. Be thankful when you reach your destination. It might not be pretty. Maybe unpleasant circumstances will ground you. Or, it might be cause for jubilation. Maybe you're happy you have arrived. You're here now. Be present. Ease into it. No matter where your there was, here is your reality. You left there behind. Here is what you have now