Things I Don't Understand

...and quite frankly am glad that I don't
  1. College kids who go home frequently
    You complained incessantly that you "couldn't wait to leave this place" and now that you finally have, you come back a couple times a month. Whether it's to get your haircut, get your laundry done, visit your high school friends, GO BACK TO COLLEGE! You have a new home now and it will never really feel like home if you're always running back to mommy and daddy. Time to grow up!
  2. Mean people
    Unfortunately we all know people who exist for the sake of being mean to others. I realize there's often a backstory...she's mean because of her insecurities, or she's mean because her parents don't pay attention to your crappy excuses. There are millions of people who have it far worse off and they don't try to hurt and belittle others.
  3. Adults who get hammered regularly
    That was fun in college. And occasionally as an adult it's fun to lose your mind (if you're not driving). But I've seen, all too often, adults who like to get hammered and neglect their spouses, children, jobs, etc. It makes me sad. Really sad.
  4. Bigots/Racists
    This could go with the mean people category, but I feel like bigots/racists don't see their actions as mean.