1. "When we are eating our popcorn this is what we will see."
  2. "Delete the first twenty."
  3. "Everything about that offends me."
  4. "Just tell the truth and you'll be fine."
  5. 'Start again from: "severed genitals of men" please.'
  6. "It's good like that, and I will tell you why. Because... Because it's good like that."
  7. "Say it louder so we can loop it later."
  8. "No, he doesn't really care about her work."
  9. "When you say this, you feel a clock ticking in the background.'
  10. Your performance is true, honest and real. It's just not in this production." (This was not to me)
  11. NO NO NO! Look at me! Point at me! I'm the whale."
  12. "Lynch, you've got a light in your helmet. That's about as bright as you'll ever be."
  13. "Ok, do the second one."