I long to be a show virgin sometimes. You can re-watch a series, but it's not the same as the first time. These are in no particular order, because ranking them feels disloyal. Inspired by a list by @jackiepeiser.
  1. Breaking Bad
    I resisted this one for a long time, thinking meth and violence weren't for me. Couldn't have been more wrong. Jesse Pinkman, I love you.
  2. Friday Night Lights
    Another show I resisted. As a native Texan from a football family, I thought, meh. Wrong. Tami Taylor forever.
  3. Entourage
    We call our kids Johnny Drama when they act ridiculous. Hug it out, bitches.
  4. Mad About You
    Paul, Jaime, Murray the dog. (Murray Tyler Moore, Furry Murray, Murray Povich.) Great cast.
  5. Gilmore Girls
    My brother told me about this one, and I'm so glad. We jumped in about halfway through the first season - instant ❤️. Though it went off the rails, the early seasons are gold.
  6. Inspector Lewis
    Cannot get enough of Lewis. Will love him forever.
  7. Sports Night
    Quotes from this show are part of daily conversations for us. If my husband and I have an "our show," this is it. Aaron Sorkin broke our hearts when he ended it after two seasons. We have the DVDs and re-watch the series annually.
  8. Boston Legal
    Denny Crane. Those scenes on the balcony were everything.
  9. Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley
    I lumped these together, because I watched them together. Fonzie was my first love. Henry Winkler still makes my heart skip a beat. These two shows were my original appointment television.
  10. The OC
    I wanted my own little Seth Cohen to keep in my pocket. He was adorable. I know it was a dumb, soapy show, but the husband and I loved it dearly.
  11. What shows are on your list?