Photos (and shots) by @kaitlynvella
  1. Josh Horowitz got President Snow to smile. The night is already a success!
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  2. Natalie Dormer was up for shots, but not the burps that came along with it.
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  3. It was quite difficult to take shots in this dress because Stef Dawson couldn't lift her arms.
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  4. Jena Malone was our cupcake queen (aka the only person who chose to eat the cupcakes we brought).
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  5. Sam Claflin was very exited to take a shot.
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  6. Still excited.
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  7. Not so much anymore.
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  8. Josh Hutcherson gave a lovely toast before taking his shot.
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  9. And then tossed it back like a champ.
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  10. Jennifer Lawrence thought the shots were a joke.
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  11. She soon realized that they were very real.
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  12. And then she had two.
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  13. While also terrorizing Josh Horowitz.
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  14. Then Julianne Moore showed up to play games with us!
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  15. And then Josh returned for another shot.
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  16. But then Liam Hemsworth arrived, not believing we were actually giving him alcohol.
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  17. And then he made a lovely toast, just like Hutcherson.
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  18. And then just enjoy these next few...
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  19. ...
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  20. ...
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  21. Beautiful.
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  22. Then he hugged Josh goodbye.
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  23. And they got very close.
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  24. And in that moment I swear we were infinite.
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    ...wait wrong book.
  25. Now Josh is really drunk.
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