IN 2004...

We're bringing things back to 2004 today on air, so let's reflect on some of the great (and terrible) things 2004 brought us.
  1. Laguna Beach premiered.
  2. Friends ended.
  3. Mean Girls came to theaters.
  4. Facebook launched.
  5. Usher's "Yeah!" was on repeat.
  6. Beyoncé won her first solo Grammy.
  7. Green Day released American Idiot.
  8. Jimmy got shot on Degrassi.
  9. McGosling was born with the Notebook hitting theaters.
  10. Maroon 5 won Best New Artist at the VMAs.
  11. Chad Michael Murray was my Prince Charming in A Cinderella Story.
    Suggested by   @kaitlynvella
  12. Livestrong bracelets were acceptable to wear.
    Suggested by   @amandagurock
  13. My dad bought me Green Day's American Idiot and told me I wasn't allowed to tel my mom due to the parental advisory.
    Suggested by   @kaitlynvella
  14. Anchorman premiered.
    "Stay classy, San Diego."
    Suggested by   @emmaashton
  15. Dodgeball premiered
    Dodge duck dip dive and dodge.
    Suggested by   @emmaashton
  16. "Stay classy, San Diego."
    Suggested by   @emmaashton