Who has your vote?
  1. Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    Had been waiting for more people to catch on to the brilliant production and grooves of Ruban Nielson and was happy that this years 'Multi-Love' got some radio play and recognition!
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  2. Kendrick Lamar. Best New Artist is Courtney Barnett.
    Suggested by @MatthewAlmont
  3. Kendrick Lamar or Drake
    Suggested by @r_hynes_
  4. The Weeknd
    His voice is electrifying and incredibly smooth, like Michael Jackson's.
    Suggested by @hannahanderson
  5. Taylor Swift
    She runs the world, you can't deny her power even if you don't like her music
    Suggested by @reallyreillyh
  6. Julia Holter
    Beautiful and unexpected
    Suggested by @Ziza
  7. St. Vincent
    Because she's just as good as David Bowie, you can quote me on that.
    Suggested by @Ziza
  8. Best new artist goes to... James Bay!
    Suggested by @duckstar85
  9. Swmrs! they're going to be so big next year!!
    Suggested by @froot
  10. Courtney Barnett
    She writes really good songs and had a big year after the release of her fantastic second album.
    Suggested by @SmilesGuthrie
  11. Jamie xx
    With his first solo album, In Colours has a lot range in his songs, like Loud Places or I Know Theres Gonna Be (Good Time) and all are bangers.
    Suggested by @Gorbs
  12. Fall Out Boy
    Suggested by @infinityonhigh
  13. MAX
    Suggested by @infinityonhigh
  14. Halsey
    Suggested by @infinityonhigh
  15. Years & Years
    Suggested by @hotlinenic
  16. 1D
    Suggested by @hotlinenic
  17. Justin Bieber
    The new music he came out with this year was 🔥🔥🔥. He even made non-beliebers love his sound.
    Suggested by @kaymaldo
  18. Tori Kelly
    Girl REALLY deserves that Grammy nom for Best New Artist. Crossing my fingers she wins!
    Suggested by @kaymaldo