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  1. Ted Cruz is terrifying from both far away and up close. Especially up close.
  2. Me everyday
  3. Beyoncé tho...
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The most memorable House of Cards plot lines ranked by how much I screamed "Oh shit!" at my computer. Obviously this is a list of spoilers of the best parts.
  1. 9.
    When fake-Putin kissed Claire
    I thought Frank was going to deck him. Kinda disappointed he didn't.
  2. 8.
    When Frank betrays Freddy
    This broke my heart. Frank is a soulless bastardized.
  3. 7.
    Finally killing Rachel
    Jesus Doug. Enough personal conflict already. We all saw this coming. Though I do admit to screaming "oh shit!" when I heard that van speed up.
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  1. Sea salt and vinegar chips
    I could eat probably six bags of these while stoned. I eat these until I can't feel the inside of my mouth anymore.
  2. Chocolate chip cookie dough
    Don't even get me started. I have been known to eat a whole roll of this while watching an entire season of House of Cards without blinking while high out of my mind. I will eat this until I puke.
  3. Pizzzzzzaaaaaa🍕🍕🍕🍕
    Duh. And I can't even digest lactose.
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