My first list! I love this app and enjoy reading everyone's lists so much, but feel a little intimidated that I am not witty or wise enough to create my own and share publicly. But with this most awesome Secret Santa project, I thought I better dive in! So here goes...
  1. I love books. Mostly fiction and memoirs. I'm a library girl though and don't buy books all that often.
  2. I collect bookmarks. When I travel, I buy a bookmark from the location. For every book I read, I take the bookmark next in my pile and spend a few minutes reminiscing about that trip. Currently using: Niagara Falls!
  3. I love pens and pretty paper!
  4. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!
  5. Random things I love: Seinfeld, going to the movies, the color yellow (lighter shades), board games especially Scrabble, mosaics, living where there are 4 seasons (New England), restaurants, trivia.
  6. A homemade item would be great. Absolutely no pressure though!
  7. In fact, absolutely no pressure at all for my gift. Mostly I look forward to the surprise of discovering where my gift will arrive from and getting a surprise package!