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  1. Boss hasn't looked me in the eyes in weeks
  2. Company founder, during post bloodbath "oh, just restructuring" speech two weeks ago, hinted everyone needed to bring in more more more.
  3. My group, while working hard, is bringing in less less less.
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  1. I've had David Sedaris fatigue going on 12 or so years.
  2. I think chocolate dipped strawberries are tacky, not romantic.
  3. In general, I don't like the way US teachers and other adults dealing with kids in the US talk to and treat kids.
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  1. Doing the hokey-pokey and turning yourself around is what it's all about.
  2. Don't judge a book by its cover.
    You've seen the works Nicholas Sparks? I rest my case.
  3. Home is where the heart is
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  1. I'm less worried about getting laid off and more concerned this place comes off as a scene from Office Space
  2. Maybe time is best spent updating our Linked In?
  1. Dance like no one is watching
  2. Consider cutting back on caffeine
  3. Floss once a day
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  1. Responded to anything with "LOL"
  2. Scrapbooked
  3. Stolen money
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  1. Brush my piece of grilled chicken with arsenic so I would never have to go to work again
  2. Slash the tires of my car so I couldn't go to work
  3. Bring me coffee in bed so I could ride out the work day thinking of better options
  4. Feed the dog because it was my turn
I don't mean they shouldn't exist. I mean, why the big deal?
  1. The annual Pantone color of the year
  2. Americans who speak more than one language
  3. Pedicures
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  1. "You're old."
  2. "That's because you're old."
  3. "Yes, but what do millennials want? You're not a millennial. You're old."
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