Free New Ideas

To claim, please send a self-addressed envelope to 30 Rockefeller Plaza requesting two tickets to an SNL taping. Destroy the tickets when you receive them. Wait three weeks and shake hands with the first person to say "good morning" after that waiting period. Then you will receive your idea free of charge.
  1. Parachute Life Boats
    Like maritime life boats, but for planes.
  2. Holoday
    Let's change "Holiday" to "Holoday" so that it's cool to celebrate the holidays via hologram like the Jedi council.
  3. Un-sticky Grapefruit
    No one asked for this...yet.
  4. People Wheel
    Like a hamster wheel, but for people. And no, treadmills don't count, because sometimes I step on them and they break.
  5. Virtual Reality Headphones
    Virtual reality shouldn't just be for the eyes.
  6. Burrito Drones
    If planes can drop two megatons of bombs, then a drone can bring me a freaking burrito.