A numbered ranking of numbers.
  1. Googol (10^100)
    The classic gargantuan number.
  2. Googolplex (10^googol)
    There's nothing more fun to say. Also, it's probably the biggest number ever, except for a googolplex plus one.
  3. Four (4)
    There's so many things you can do with Four when it comes to multiplication, division, architecture, you name it! Zero, one, two, and three are great, but Four is the first real number.
  4. Pi (3.14ish)
    Pi would have Four's place if it ever ended.
  5. 987,654,321.123456789
    I hope that if a scientist ever actually used this number for anything, they screenshotted it and showed some colleagues.
  6. Honorable Mentions
    Mathematical symbol "e", Zero (0), and Avogadro's Number (6.022x10^23)