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I'll be adding to this regularly. Don't you worry.
  1. I really enjoy sitting.
  2. I like cheesy shows. I'm lactose tolerant.
  3. I truly enjoy snacking.
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  1. On fleek
    I told my sister her eyebrows were on fleek the other day and it is now a permanent inside joke playing on my stupidity.
  2. Literally
    I literally use the word literally so many times when I literally mean for it to be figuratively and not literally at all.
  3. Hood
    Apparently it's not ok for a 5'2, white, red headed lady from a Utah suburb to use this word. Especially when referencing the location of the closest Texas Roadhouse.
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  1. Can I wear the same costume next year?
  2. Why did I eat candy for breakfast?
  3. Why did I not eat candy for lunch?
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