1. On fleek
    I told my sister her eyebrows were on fleek the other day and it is now a permanent inside joke playing on my stupidity.
  2. Literally
    I literally use the word literally so many times when I literally mean for it to be figuratively and not literally at all.
  3. Hood
    Apparently it's not ok for a 5'2, white, red headed lady from a Utah suburb to use this word. Especially when referencing the location of the closest Texas Roadhouse.
  4. Fetch
    Stop trying to make fetch happen.
  5. Up north/down south
    I mix this phrase up and use it for the wrong direction constantly. I also sometimes forget my left and right so can you blame me??
  6. Hella good hair
    I guess this phrase has been trademarked by my girl T Swift and me using it to reference anyone is akin to bring the reason for the teardrops on her guitar.