2016: a photo for each month

Inspired by @colls39 and everyone who came before!
  1. January 1: Pneumonia. It can only go up from here! Right? RIGHT??
  2. February 7: After a TERRIBLE January that saw my husband hospitalized with potentially deadly pneumonia and me down with the flu. We made it!
  3. March 14: One of the last time I saw these nuggets. It's a list in itself. But, I loved them! So proud of my son for reading to them while I cleaned up puke.
  4. April 28: We went to Carloline's, NYC to see Colin Jost!! Also, can we talk about their fried zucchini coins? Yum!
  5. May 13: Dad's last birthday.
  6. June 20: Dad's last Father's Day. Pretty good looking for 85!
  7. July 8: Showbiz National Dance Competition at Kahahari Resorts, PA
  8. August 4: Geocaching!! Kept us feeling normal after Dad passed in July (pleaae do not be distracted by my very sexy leg).
  9. September 20: Race and Revolution at Governor's Island, NYC. This is a cross made from prison trays.
  10. October 30: Why not wait until the last minute for pumpkins?
  11. November 24: First holiday without Dad. Unflattering picture of Mom. It looks like my kids are refusing communion. Also, I was still very much "WTF?!?!" about the election.
  12. December 12: CRAP! The bathroom is decorated for Christmas but, you can't see the pretty towels. Also, there was a lot of shit that happened this year.
  13. Yes, there were some awful things that happened this year. Going through all the photos, though, I realized that there were some good things too!
  14. Thanks guys!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️