1. So I awake to this again.
  2. And as a white person, I am continually appalled that other white people make excuse after excuse for this blatant racism.
  3. My 11 year old son thinks he's going to be shot by a cop because he is brown.
    He just asked, "Shouldn't he just have gotten a ticket or spent a night in jail?"
  4. I worry about our 13 year old friend TJ. He lives next to a racist cop who has made it clear that he does not want him near his property.
  5. TJ has some behavior issues due to the fact that his birth mother was an alcoholic. The behaviors could easily be misconstrued as disrespect and aggression. He sometimes makes bad decisions because of the fetal alcohol syndrome he was born with.
  6. He looks like so many of these men that get shot.
  7. He's not always going to be with his adoptive Mom, who is white.
  8. I worry so much for this beautiful, smart, athletic boy.
  9. I'm tired of excuses and justifications.
  10. I'm disgusted by the fact that there is never any justice.
  11. I can't even find the words.
  12. I just don't understand what's not to "get" about BLACK LIVES MATTER.
  13. I'm fed up with the way white people throw the words "thug" and "animals" around like these humans don't count as much as they do.
  14. I'm feeling really over people this morning.