1. A couple of years ago, my kids and I heard a talk given by a Holocaust survivor.
  2. He kept repeating "The good people did nothing."
  3. I feel like every time I read that the GOP has let some Trump BS slide, I think of this quote.
  4. I don't necessarily think that Republicans are evil as much as they are passive observers who are trying to protect themselves.
  5. I'm genuinely having anxiety attacks everyday about this election.
  6. Bush, McCain, and Romney are not bad people. Their philosophies are different than mine. It doesn't make them terrible people.
  7. I honestly would have not been afraid if Romney had won. He knows how government works. He knows issues and policy. He can speak like an a adult.
  8. Trump is not a good human. Period. And he can't speak well. And he doesn't know how the world works.
  9. A bumper sticker said, "Give him a chance." I'd give someone with no experience a chance to work in a mailroom and work his or her way up. You don't start with POTUS with NO experience.
  10. And the good people are doing nothing.
  11. Not so sure how good they are anymore.