1. This summer, I'm sitting for four brothers plus my two kids.
  2. The oldest boy and girl are 13 (just 16 days apart) and the other three are 11 ( only four days apart).
  3. I will be 50 in six months.
  4. So, much to their dismay, I read aloud every day. They are good with Alexander Hamilton by Jean Fritz.
  5. They were not cool with Timeline of American History.
  6. But anyway, we were reading and discussing monopolies and how often small companies are taken over or put out of business by large businesses.
  7. Then I mentioned that chains like Lowe's and Home Depot are direct competitors because of size, products, and services offered.
  8. He is where I devolve into a 13 year old boy.
  9. The boy who is actually 13 said, "Sports Authority went out of business because of Dick's."
  10. Did I think he meant the stores? No! I thought he was commenting on the people who, apparently, were irresponsible enough to drive the sports chain into the ground.
  11. So now I'm both shocked that he said this but also amused.
  12. I started laughing that he said "dicks."
  13. Almost simultaneously, I realize "Ohhh! He means the store!" You know, like the subject matter we were just discussing about business competition!"
  14. So now, I can't stop laughing, tears down my face, and all the kids are laughing too. And I explain myself.
  15. And we all laugh more.
  16. I love these kids!
  17. UPDATE: This morning I ordered Spiked Potato Balls." Two pairs!
  18. Giphy