1. Governor Andrew Cuomo
    I haven't always agreed with him, but I am SO THANKFUL I live in New York State and I believe he will keep us in a good place.
  2. Senior NY Sen. Chuck Schumer
    The new Senate Minority leader, he will fight his butt off for this country.
  3. Junior NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
    She replaced Sec. Clinton in 2009. I also believe she will fight for this country.
  4. NYC Mayor Bill di Blasio
    He's not the most popular guy but he gave a speech telling people that he will make sure that they have nothing to fear and will be safe.
  5. President Barak Obama
    I believe that he will sweep in like Superman and somehow save is from this mess.
  6. Surprisingly, these two but, with less enthusiasm.
  7. Static