1. I'm in NJ with my daughter for her dance competition.
  2. The team is doing very well. All of her group numbers placed!
    A first, second, third, and sixth!
  3. And she received a high solo score.
  4. She loving being here with all her friends.
  5. Her cousins showed up to surprise her!
  6. But.....
  7. I missed my son's cheer competition back home.
  8. He cried last night because he thought I forgot to FaceTime him.
  9. I only got to talk to him after 10pm and by that time he had red, puffy eyes.
  10. I was able to see the video.
    Not the same as being there. It's hard to help with nerves when you're an hour and a half away.
  11. But then I got this:
    Blurry, but he's OK!
  12. And lucky me! I'll do it all again on Mother's Day when she's at a comp and I'm with him at his.
  13. Sometimes this Mom thing hurts my soul.