Inspired by @boygirlparty and @JennyJLee
  1. I'm furious that I have to explain this to my children.
  2. I'm not surprised that my son and daughter get Black Lives Matter more than many adults.
  3. I'm sadly expecting that nothing will happen to these murderers.
  5. The TOO is implied, meaning just as much as yours, not more than.
  6. If someone is drowning, you pull them from the water. You don't accuse them of faking it or overreacting.
  7. Unless you are drowning yourself, shut up and help. Don't stand there and look away.
  8. You know how as a kid you may have been told,"You are not the center of the universe." Guess what? You still aren't. Others need help now. Not you. Other human beings.
  9. Tell me again why those e-mails are Paul Ryan's priority?