Inspired by @jpbateson. I decided to utilize the "Related Lists" feature.
  1. SUNDAY-Michael Scott
    When I found out that the people I babysit for did not need me to come for the week because some relatives are visiting from Italy
  2. MONDAY-Stanley
    Bad sinus headache
  3. TUESDAY-Erin
    Nice day and feeling good! But not for long!
  4. WEDNESDAY-Meredith
    Return of the friggin' headache.
  5. THURSDAY-Dwight
    Running around trying to get ready for a weekend trip. I was organized and patted myself on the back. Hear me roar!
  6. FRIDAY-Pam
    Giphy downsized medium
    Had to leave one of my kids to travel with the other. Guilt and too emotional.
  7. SATURDAY-Pam again
    Hugely happy and excited about the dance competition. Drunk with enthusiasm! But in a Mom way.
  8. SUNDAY-Michael again
    Text the babysitting folks again as they have ignored a text I sent Saturday morning. Received text back that the Italian family, who are actually distant relatives by marriage, will be here for several weeks. So, I kind of got fired.