My taste in music may be questionable to some (like my husband, who almost always came with me) but, I've enjoyed all of it!
  1. Shaun Cassidy
    Couldn't hear a thing and was in the second to last row of an arena.
  2. The Osmonds
    Donny smiled right at me! Yea second row, theater-in-the-round seats!
  3. The Monkees
    Weird Al opened!
  4. Richard Marx
    Opening act: Wilson Phillips
  5. Mister Mister
    The Bangles opened!
  6. Michael Bolton
    With opener Celine Dion!
  7. Bonnie Raitt
    With Bruce Hornsby
  8. Lilith Fair
    Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, and hosted by Sandra Bernhard. Also the place where I learned my best friend was not a good person and caused me to cry. Ah, memories!
  9. Ricky Martin
    Hubby:"Synchronized butt wiggling."
  10. American Idol Concert
    Seasons 2 and 7.
  11. N*SYNC
    Three times
  12. The Wiggles
    Four times (children had arrived)
  13. Justin Timberlake with Christina Aguilera
    My girlfriend and I went together. About three years later, we were new Moms and took our little girls to the Wiggles
  14. David Cook
    Twice. Once on a getaway with my husband. Once at an outdoor concert with the whole family. My seven year old sang every song while I held her up to see. It was my five year old's first concert and he loved it.
  15. Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could
    Local kids' band. We've seen them too many times to remember. These are the only concerts we've been too in the last few years. Again, kids!